The 30-Something Gang From ‘Gilmore Girls’ Hits Way Too Close To Home

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The ThirtySomething Gang is more than just the butt of an Amy Sherman-Palladino joke on the rebooted Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. It’s a daunting reality for millennials who identify all too well with Rory Gilmore, Wookiee fetish excluded (I think). My affinity for the show has never been an objective one, the very nature of which is oxymoronic. Sherman-Palladino has, without knowing me personally, created a character whose life has strangely paralleled mine for more than a decade now—and I suspect she has also done so for a few thousand other women. These are the women who knew exactly what Rory meant when she said that no one would care that she was pretty if she failed her finals; women who had a Dean, a Jess, and a Logan in that order and who were equally indecisive and admittedly selfish when it came to each of these relationships; women with a passion for writing and for sharing unique stories with the world; women who wanted to see the world or just see something.

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