Your Complete Guide to Binge-Watching ‘Gilmore Girls’

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The Gilmore girls, Lorelai and Rory, have the most enviable mother-daughter relationship in TV history, much of which the storyline credits to the fact that Lorelai was a teen mom and the rest to her reigning title as the coolest woman on the planet. Her knowledge of classic movies and her impeccable taste in music are insurmountable. Tucked away in the quaint small town utopia that is Stars Hollow (not an actual town, we checked), the pair welcomed us into their charming but quirky cottage-like home for seven long, memorable years (2000-2007). We laughed with them. We cried with them. We watched Rory graduate from prep school; we made three trips to Yale with Lorelai and a mattress when Rory went off to college; and we wallowed (per Lorelai’s request) with them through every heartbreak—romantic, familial and even professional.

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