Post-Grad Depression: Do You Suffer From It And How To Deal?

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To be clear: I’m not talking about the mini-slump you fall into a few weeks after moving your tassel to the left and updating your LinkedIn profile to say “recent grad…” I’m talking about that weird, almost incessant gnawing of your gut that emerges a few years later—two, maybe three years post-tassel. It’s the feeling that makes you compulsively review your LinkedIn profile and/or online portfolios while mercilessly comparing them to anyone—and I do mean literally anyone who remotely falls into the same age category as yourself—else’s.

You go from, “Wow. Holy shit. Look at you go,” to “Ok, so you made your first million. Super,” to “What am I doing with my life? Where did I go wrong?” in zero to five profiles, until you’re sobbing incoherently (or internally, if this is an activity you’ve decided to pursue at work, making it all the more unbearable) about the uninspired, unimpressive human existence that is your life.

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