10 Types Of Girls You Meet At The Gym

Originally written for and published by an online, lifestyle publication. 

Gymtimidation is a real thing, trust us. If you’re anxious about heading to the gym for the first time in forever, take comfort in the fact that few things have changed. The bodybuilders are still body building (or pumping iron or bench pressing super heavy babies or whatever is the appropriate terminology for that), the runners are still hogging the treadmills. In fact, there at least 10 girls that you can always expect to see at the gym.

1. The Gossip

This girl knows everyone at the gym: where they grew up; where they went to college; what they do for a living; how much money they make; who they’re married to and/or who they’re currently seeing. It may seem like she’s genuinely interested in being friends, but all she really wants to know is how to write you in to her Desperate Housewives reboot script.

2. The Instagram Model

You can find her in any mirrored workout room. Her body is on point and she knows it, but she also wants to make sure the 14,862 people who follow her on Instagram and Snapchat also know it. This chick is a confident badass and we all secretly want to be her!

3. The Supermom

How does she do it? Well, she drops her almost-toddlers off at the playroom and then she absolutely kills it on the weight machines, with little to no warm-up. Insert jaw drop here. This must be how Kim Kardashian does it.

4. The CrossFitter

When she tells you that she does CrossFit (and she will), do not mess with her!

5. The Social Butterfly

This girl spends her entire time at the gym talking on the phone and/or texting. You (and everyone else at the gym) can’t help but overhear the details of her Friday night plans and/or her latest fling.

6. The Runway Model

Running at top speed on the treadmill, she still manages to have perfect hair and makeup. And she doesn’t sweat so much as she glistens, giving her that goddess-like, dewy glow that you’ve only actually seen in an early-2000s J. Lo music video.

7. The Yogi

All about positive energy and good vibes, the yogi smiles at everyone she encounters at the gym, immediately before inviting them to join her yoga practice. She is the crystal-meditating, green-juice drinking, calming soul you’d kill to be—you know, the person you pretend to be on social media.

8. The 80s Music Video Extra

You know how you tell yourself every year that, if all else fails, you can just pull on some neon tights and a cropped t-shirt and go as Madonna circa 1984 for Halloween? This girl is living your dream…every damn day, at the gym. You’re not entirely opposed to it either.

9. The Spin Instructor/Spin Enthusiast

No spin class is complete without the utterance of at least three to five motivational clichés, and this girl knows them all. As much as you’d like to judge her for this, you don’t because her playlists are always ~fire~ and you always work out your hardest when you’re with her.

10. The Flirt

Only at the gym for the romantic possibilities, this girl is somewhat of a lingerer, just waiting on the right person to make their move. Fit and strategic—we’re not judging.

Next time you’re at the gym dying for your last rep to be over, distract yourself with a little gym-goer bingo. See how many of these girls you can identify—one of them might even be you.

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