5 Ways To Kick A Hangover That Don’t Involve Food

Originally written for and published by an online, lifestyle publication. 

Hangover (noun): a temporary state of despair, regret and deep reflection of one’s life choices; a sudden onset of mind-numbing nausea; a desperate desire to escape the real world and seek refuge in a dark, underground bunker otherwise intended as a muster point for the impending zombie apocalypse. Yes, in the year [2016] that brought you global virtual-reality scavenger hunts for mythical creatures, the hangover is still a thing. Insert sincere disappointment in the progression of mankind here.

Alas, we trek on, determined to put an end to the injustice that is “the morning after.” The best thing you can do to cure a hangover and its extraordinarily inconvenient symptoms is to re-hydrate yourself—lots of water, maybe decaffeinated tea (we recommend ginger or peppermint) and your sports drink of choice (for the electrolytes, of course; not because you’ll be doing any physical activity because you absolutely will not).

The adventurous few will recommend the hair of the dog—start your day with a glass of the very poison that landed you here, why don’t you?

To quote Simon Cowell, “it’s a no from [us],” but you’re welcome to try it.

Of course, in addition to filling up on fluids, there are certain foods that’ll help the death ship sail on by a lot faster, like eggs, bananas, oats and vegetable soup. But what about tips and tricks that don’t involve food or drinks? Here are few other things you can try if you really get desperate.

1. Sleep

After re-hydration, the next best thing to do in this situation is go back to bed. Nothing cures the throbbing headache of a hangover quite like a couple hours of sweet dreams.

2. Take multivitamins

Although not definitively proven to be a cure, multivitamins may help to restore your body’s nutrient levels after a night of heavy drinking.

3. Treat your symptoms with over-the-counter medications

These may include non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs for the headache, like aspirin or ibuprofen, and Pepto-Bismol for the heartburn and upset stomach.

4. Go for a walk

A relaxing walk outside might be just what you need after an exhilarating night out. The fresh air will help to relieve your nausea.

5. Take a cold shower

We’ve never felt more rejuvenated and ready to cure global problems ~like hangovers~ than when we’ve just stepped out of a cold shower. Its life-altering effects may be temporary but we’ll take it.

Sifting through the online search results for “hangover cures” is no easy task. Rumors versus facts? It’s all kind of a blur, especially after stumbling out of bed with little to no cognitive function. Above all, remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Then, find out what else works for you. Maybe it’s some light exercise, maybe it’s a hearty breakfast or maybe it’s not downing two bottles of wine on a Wednesday night, three seasons deep in Scandal. Your move.

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