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A lifestyle writer whose editorial interests are as diverse as her academic background in economics, film and media theory, and gender studies, Sydnee works closely with online publications that aim to amplify millennial women’s voices. She enjoys writing about personal experiments, social media, dating and relationships, travel, wellness, and pop culture. Browse her work by clicking on the icons below.

Inspired by my own (initially) futile search for the right dermatologist, this piece for Healthline not only identifies the challenges involved in finding the right dermatologist but also well researched tips to help the process along.


For VICE, I wrote about The Good Place, analyzing whether or not one of the main characters was sent to Hell because of a diagnosable mental illness.


Elite Daily is an online magazine created by and for young women. As a staff writer, I covered sex, dating, and relationships.


Her Campus
Her Campus is the no. 1 new media brand for empowered college women. As a contributing writer, I covered high school, after college, career, style, and entertainment.












For Shondaland, I wrote about the self-care movement and what it means beyond face masks and bubble baths.


For BuzzFeed Community, I wrote about the nostalgia of Disney Channel Original Movies… even the ones we’ve forgotten about.